Salute to Elsie

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「 君子矜而不爭,群而不黨。」


她不反對民主。她反對的,是 "the way it is governed by wealth, in the name of democracy." 




向 Elsie 致敬!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. When it was shown on TV the scene of banana throwing during the legco meeting in my office's waiting area, I was surprised to hear my clients voicing their support. The idea of ' let's kick ass' ticks in some members of our community and I was rathered alarmed.  Hong Kong is the last blessed land of the orient over the last few decades. It is sad to see how a system can come to be abused in this way.
    [版主回覆02/19/2010 23:23:00]I don't mind the bananas, but the real poison is the Word. 
    The business of government and politics is conducted in Words, in Concepts.  Those who wield these tools never have in mind the real interests of the other class who are handicapped in Words and Concepts, for they never want to betray their own class interests! 
    A story often comes to my mind, of Kruschev once meeting Zhou Enlai.  Kruschev teased Zhou that he is from the working class, and Zhou is from the landlord class.  Zhou smiled and said: You and I both betrayed our own class!
    I salute Elsie for betraying her class.  Shame on me for being unable to do anything about my class other than feeling the greatest shame.


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