A Voice for Reason – The White Underclass Breaks Joe Bageant's Heart

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For those of you who missed this in today's Sunday Morning Post.

There goes their Great American Dream.  

Joe Bageant says a third of all Americans are now functionally illiterate.  "The numbers seem staggering, but they're not.  I didn't even have to go to any trouble to find them.  It's just that nobody was interested.  Urbane people create urbane news, and all the stuff that is between the big cities, the heartland, is pretty much invisible to them."

Of course, Noam Chomsky has been talking about the same thing about the media for years.  But who cares?

When did you hear Obama say anything about this plight of the disenfranchised?

Unfortunately but quite predictably, what I said about Obama in For Obama: So Far Away from Home is coming true!

He's pulling out troops from Iraq, but sending even more to Afghanistan. 

Paul Simon was singing: "Still tomorrow's gonna be another working day …".  But even this is becoming elusive for a lot of Americans. 


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  1. Need some time to digest what you wrote. Humm…….
    [版主回覆09/27/2010 18:41:00]Have ordered the book.  A Marxian approach would be useful here, I guess.


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