Unjustifiable Beauty

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This is beautiful writing, about wine, and about life. 

Sergio Esposito, founder of Italian Wine Merchants in New York, and self-appointed ambassor of Italian wine, wrote this wonderful book about his passion on the vine. 

His meeting with legendary Barolo winemaker Bartolo Mascarello started him thinking about beauty in wine:

The world has its share of justifiable beauty … and then there is unjustifiable beauty.  It's personal beauty, imperfection, ambiguity.  It's beauty you cannot argue for because you have no material proof, only your own certainty.  This was the magnificence of Bartolo's wine …  You couldn't pin it down by saying it smelled like rose petals.  That was as reductive and senseless as looking at The Birth of Venus and saying, "It's a painting of a girl in a shell."

Isn't this also true about beauty in life as well?  

Just look around, don't say a word, and be grateful.


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  1. Thanks for sharing a wonderful. Still available via amazon, but S Wasserman's book is out of stock.
    [版主回覆08/28/2009 22:53:00]Good!  The Wasserman book has been out of print for more than 10 years.  I got it from http://www.alibris.com/ .  It's a real classic, and by all means try to get one.


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