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I was receiving one of my first shipments of Italian wine at the door to my apartment block when an Italian looking young man passed by and asked me a few questions that I have long forgotten.


He is Italian, a young man from Bologna.


That was the start of many interesting conversations, always with wine, but seldom about wine.


He introduced me to his buddies and welcomed me as one of Them, and I introduced him to my best friends in Shanghai and my family in Hong Kong.    


He was curious about my spiritual home Hangzhou.  Interestingly, he came back once from a visit to Hangzhou on a day when it rained cats and dogs, but he declared in all seriousness that this is the most beautiful place he has ever seen in rain.


I was even more curious about his home Bologna, and not just because this is the land the Greeks called Oenotria.  As orphans of almost contemporary ancient empires, we share a lot more besides wine, above all a deep respect for culture, and wine is but one manifestation of culture.


In many happy evenings, we talked about almost everything under the sun.   


I can never forget the day when he came to my home and discovered my CD collection.  He picked a Rolling Stones record and then sat down, all absorbed in the music.  A sweet smile blasted from his face. 


And that was the first time I learned about his father: a collector of music records, and a lot of other stuff as well.  A record collection or any collection always reminds him of his beloved father.  And that probably drew me closer to his father, and to him.


He is Claudio, and his father is Maurizio.  With his mother Sonia, they share a beautiful house looking out at a mountain range that extends southward to Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano. 


We are therefore neighbors.


The highlight of our dream trip to Italy last year was our last stop at Bologna. 

Maurizio gave me a most unforgettable welcoming gift: he made me a CD of his best loved songs entitled “Morris: Personal Score into the Life”.  There were 17 songs, and we share our love for more than half of them: The Who, Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, David Bowie, Allman Brothers, Lynard Skynard, Jackson Browne, CCR, and above all, Bruce Springsteen.


After I came home, I made him a CD of my favorites, including a few Cantonese opera standards, and Maurizio reciprocated with a collection of what is probably the Bob Dylan of Italy: Fabrizio De André. 

I thought it amazing that Destiny would connect Maurizio and me: two lonely souls who can hardly communicate in words, yet we know deep down that we are like looking at a mirror when we meet each other.

Two days ago, Claudio told me that Maurizio has left us. 

…  … … … …

Our loss is the Creator’s gain, that’s how I try to comfort myself.


Rest in peace, Morris.  We’ll remember you, and we’ll surely meet again.


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  1. 我是从Am先生的文章中找到你的, 你让我对意大利有了新认识,如同"神之水滴" ;
    请教 Col DI SASSO TOSCANA I.G.T 2009 (C.S &SANGIOVESE) 您的评价,多谢!
    [版主回覆03/22/2012 16:14:17]謝謝先生的美言,但我對「神之水滴」所知近零。你提到的酒款我沒有喝過,但查資料知道是一家美國人在意大利投資的大酒廠所出,名叫 Banfi,我對這家酒廠完全沒有好感。把 Cabernet Sauvignon 與 Sangiovese 攪在一起恐怕帶給你的是美國味多于意大利。如果你對意大利酒有興趣,可以試試兩種本土葡萄 Sangiovese 與 Nebbiolo 的酒,主要產區有 Chianti、Brunello、Barolo 與 Barbaresco,我以前寫過很多,有空請看看。意大利的小酒莊出品一般比較有個性。


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