A great wine, a great woman

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Gentle, generous and Giacosa – – – that’s how I would sum up this 1979 Villero from Giuseppe Mascarello. I said Giacosa because I tend to think Villero expresses the Giacosa spirit better than Rionda or Falletto. Don’t ask me why, as I just feel it emotionally.

1979 is a gentle and generous vintage, and a very emotional vintage as well for me. So, excuse me for my lack of a sense of proportion.

Love it, especially the last glass, which is clean and sublime.

With this, I am also bidding farewell to a great woman – – – for me, the greatest woman in my life.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am quite interested in wine but inexperienced.
    Is it possible to join your wine tasting activity in Hong Kong?



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